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Bundle Pack | VITHIT Immunity Pack

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Don’t let winter stop you from bringing your A-game. As usual, VITHIT has your back and has prepared you an “Immunity” Bundle. We gathered our champion drinks + our new effervescent (the great defender) to give you 100% RDA of VIT C, all the essential B Vitamins and an extra punch of Vitamin D and Zinc.

The VITHIT Immunity Bundle is a Limited Seasonal Product - Available only during the colder months to give you that extra protection when you need it the most. This means that it's only available from September to April

In the pack:

Boost - Summer Berries, Ginseng + Rooibos Tea, 500ml bottle x 4

Immunitea - Dragonfruit & Yuzu, Zinc + Ceylon Tea500ml bottle x 4

Detox - Mandarin & Orange, Green Tea + Vitamins500ml bottle x 4

The Great Defender - Raspberry & Watermelon, 9gr x 14 Sachets

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Bundle Pack | VITHIT Immunity Pack
Bundle Pack | VITHIT Immunity Pack
Bundle Pack | VITHIT Immunity Pack
Bundle Pack | VITHIT Immunity Pack


  • Low Sugar

  • Low Calorie

  • 100% RDA of 8 Vitamins

  • Vegan / Vegetarian