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12 x 500ml + 14 x 11gr sachets

Unleash your performance with VITHIT Performance Bundle Pack. Featuring VITHIT Hydrater, Perform, Boost, and Rocket Fuel, this bundle fuels you with hydration and keeps you on fire 🔥. Whether you're pushing limits or chasing your dreams, VITHIT has got your back.

Dare to take risks and conquer your goals!

In this pack:

4 x Boost - Summer Berries, Ginseng + Rooibos Tea, 500ml

4x Perform - Mango & Passionfruit, Matcha Tea + Amino Acids500ml

4 x Hydrater - Guava & Lime, Green Tea + Vitamins and Electrolytes500ml

1 x Rocket Fuel, Orange Pineapple, 14 x 11gr sachets

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    VITHIT Performance | Bundle Pack


    • Low Sugar

    • Low Calorie

    • 100% RDA of 8 Vitamins

    • Vegan / Vegetarian